How to Create Collections

Items that you add to Carrot can be organized into collections. Collections are usually created around a theme — for example, shoes, gift ideas, or travel. Collections are public by default, and hosted on your public carrot profile. An example is addtocarrot.com/kelly. You can also create private collections that only you, or those people you invite to your collection, can access. As the owner of a collection, you can toggle a collection from public to private at any time.

Creating Collections

📱From your iPhone

🖥️ From your Computer

Create a Collection from the iPhone App

Step 1: Create your first collection

  • Open the Carrot App
  • Tap “Create a Collection” in the upper left hand corner
  • Give your Collection a name and an optional description
  • Select whether to make your Collection Public (accessible by anyone with the link), or Private (unpublished)
  • Tap done, you can scroll through all of your Collections in the top rail!

Step 2: Add Products to your Collection

  • Locate the item in the “Saved Items” list
  • Tap the three dots on the right hand side of the item
  • Tap “Add to Collection”
  • Select the Collection you wish to add to
  • Tap on the Collection to see all of the items

Step 3 (Optional)

Create a Collection with One Tap Save

Step 1: Add a Product to Carrot

Step 2: Add the Product to a Collection

  • Add the product to an existing Collection
  • Or create a new Collection

Step 3 (Optional)

Create a Collection from the Mobile Safari Extension

Coming soon! Want to be one of the first to try Carrot’s Safari Extension? Start here

Create a Collection from the Chrome Extension

  • Open the Carrot Extension in Chrome
  • Select the products you want to organize, from your list of items
  • Click the “Add to collection” button


Create a Collection as you Add to Carrot

  • Add an item to Carrot
  • From the notification, select the Collection you’d like to add to, or create a new one!


Thoughts? Questions? Experiencing a hiccup? Email us at support@addtocarrot.com - a team member will respond within 24 hours to lend a hand.