Guide: Carrot Chrome Extension

Guide: Carrot Chrome Extension

👋 friend, we’re excited to share the Carrot Chrome Extension with you. This guide will cover the basics of how to install the extension, begin using it, and a few frequently asked questions.

If you encounter any issues at all, feel free to reach out to!

Guide Contents

🤔 What does Carrot’s chrome extension do?

Carrot is a first-of-its-kind technology that automatically keeps track of your shopping for you. Once installed to your Chrome browser on your computer, Carrot saves anything you add to cart. When you’re ready to explore what you’ve collected along the way, the items will be organized in a visual feed by merchant.

🔤 Getting started

👤 Create your Carrot account

Sign up with Google, Apple, Facebook, or Email. Along the way, we’ll ask you to…

  • claim your Carrot username. This will power your carrot space where you can publish any of your public collections (see as an example)
  • confirm your full name (so your friends can find you on Carrot!)
  • pin the extension to chrome (for easy access to your finds!)
  • choose your favorite shopping categories (so we can show you more of what you love)
  • pull in your open shopping carts from all around the web (see Cart Magic)
  • download the Carrot mobile app (to take Carrot with you on the go!)

🪄🐰 Cart magic

Once you’ve set up the Carrot Chrome extension on Desktop, all of your open carts from around the web are pulled into Carrot automagically, neatly organized by merchant. We’ve aptly named this particular phenomenon Cart Magic!

➕ Adding items to Carrot

There are 3 unique ways of adding items to carrot from the Chrome extension.

1. Add to cart 🛒

Add to cart, Carrot will automatically scoop the item as well on any site where you see the purple Carrot toolbar icon lit up.


2. Hover 🏄🏾

Hover over a product image and click the “Add to Carrot” button in the top left corner.


3. Right Click 👆

Right click on any page and click the “Add to Carrot” item in the drop down menu.


👚🎒👢 Collections

Items that you add to Carrot can be organized into collections. Collections are usually created around a theme — for example, shoes, gift ideas, or travel.

Collections are public by default, and hosted on your public carrot profile. An example is You can also create private collections that only you, or those people you invite to your collection, can access. As the owner of a collection, you can toggle a collection from public to private at any time.

🤳 Create a collection

To make a new Collection...

  • Tap “Create a Collection” in the upper left hand corner of extension
  • Give your Collection a name and a description
  • Tap done, you can scroll through all of your Collections in the top rail!

👰‍♀️ Registries:

You can convert a Collection to a Registry using the Registry Toggle. This adds a “claim” button to each of the items in your collection, allowing anyone that has your collection link to claim any products they intend to purchase.

➕ To add an item to a Collection...

From the Carrot Extension

  • Select one or more items you want to add to a collection in Carrot
  • Ensure they are selected with a checkbox
  • Cick the “Add to Collection” button
  • Choose the collection you want to add it to
  • You can create a new collection at this time too

From your browser

🗑️ How do I remove an item?

Select one or more items you want to remove, and tap “Remove”

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Collaborative collections

Collaborative Collections are the easiest way to shop with your IRL loved ones online. See

for more details.

Thoughts? Questions? Experiencing a hiccup? Email us at - a team member will respond within 24 hours to lend a hand.